We Transfer Tapes to DVD   

Videotape has captured billions of memories over the years.  But those tapes have an expiration life; at some point they will cease to work.  Or your VCR will stop working and you can't watch them.  And how do you share copies those memories with all the other members of your family equally?

We live in a digital world now and those memories NEED to be converted to digital media before it's too late.  Once we transfer your taped programming to DVD, you can have endless perfect copies, and that original programming can be copied to dozens of different digital formats.  You don't have to understand it; just know you've moved your precious memories into the digital world where they can be made to live forever.

We have been transferring VHS, VHS-C, 8MM tape, and mini-DV tapes to DVDs for years.  We have hundreds of satisfied customers.  And we do the work in-house, treating each job like it was our very own.   We can even repair or work around broken tapes.

Need a great gift idea for your family members?  How about transferring your videos to DVD for every member of your family?  What an awesome present!

Call us to discuss pricing and set up an appointment for leaving your tapes with us.  We can usually get them done in a few days; sometime a little longer around the holiday season or for large/complex orders. 

Studio:  573-426-4344   -  leave a contact message if we're at our other location working on someone's tapes.