DO-IT-YOURSELF Studio Photography

..... a new idea for the photographer in you !



Avalon Photography Studio is making its studio space, lights, backgrounds, props, changing room, etc. available to professional and non-professional photographers and videographers.  The space will rent by the hour, presently $49.00 per hour or portion of an hour (subject to change, depending on how this all works out).  Owner Bill McComb will be scheduling the studio’s use and will be present for all scheduled sessions.  There will be an indemnity contract for all contractors to sign; all scheduled users will pay in advance, and no-shows will not be refunded.  If you decide that you wish to use the space frequently, we can negotiate a volume time discount.


“Like many photographers, my career started in my home and I worked from there for many years.  But occasionally during that time, I really wished I could have had access to a professional studio to do some of my work.  Today, as I plan for more computer-based imagery work and very specific photo assignments, and less general field and studio work, this idea seems like it will be useful to a wide array of photographers with the same wishes.” – Bill McComb

To learn more, contact Bill McComb at Avalon Photography Studio.

Studio #  573-426-4344


Available personally by appointment at the studio location in downtown Rolla:

110 West 8th St.